PUSH is currently in Post Production.

PUSH is Arusha's directorial debut. Based in Brooklyn, Arusha is a Second Assistant Director and a member of The Director’s Guild of America. Music has always been a driving force in her life; her obsession with rock & roll is worn as a badge of honor. Her determination to document her life as a fan was how she became a filmmaker. Arusha’s work experience in television and film includes BLINDSPOT, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, THE NORMAL HEART and WHILE WE'RE YOUNG

Amanda Laws is a Brooklyn based independent filmmaker, working both in documentary and narrative. Her editing work includes most recently the romantic comedy It Had to Be You, directed by Sasha Gordon and executive produced by Chris Columbus. In documentary her work has included editing (among others) The Imposter: How to Write a Banjo Concerto directed by Bela Fleck and Sascha Paladino, Shooting Script by Frank Hall-Green, and It Was Rape by Jennifer Baumgardner. In 2011 she acted as a mentor to the documentary fellows at the DoxBox film festival in Damascus, Syria, and in 2013 she attended the Sundance Doc Edit lab as co-editor with Blind Eye (later titled Cameraperson) directed by Kirsten Johnson. 

Janelle Coleman is the producer you want on your team. She gets it done. As a production and travel coordinator, she's worked on feature films such as Creed, After Earth, Mercy (Netflix), and Paranoia. "I can think of no other person I'd rather back than Arusha. We've stood side by side on productions great and small to get thejob done. We grew up together. This is her time to move from the supporter to the supported!" 

Automne Zingg is a writer, illustrator, musician and visual artist based in New York. She uses dark humor and surreal imagery to make critiques about popular culture.


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